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Our information networks are at risk of not being usable with the increased strength of generative foundation models.

Glasswing is a newsletter that focuses on communicating the anticipated challenges and solutions being explored by the research and startup communities.

Shrey Jain is an Applied Scientist at Microsoft Research and studies at the University of Toronto in Engineering Science with a major in machine learning. Shrey has worked in ML research labs like the Vector Institute of Technology in Toronto and CSAIL at MIT with a previous focus on healthcare research and a current focus on information and identity verification. None of these posts represent the views of Shrey’s employers.

Shrey can be reached at shreyjaineth@gmail.com.

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a newsletter on how to communicate in a world where AI destroys our ability to trust information online


Shrey Jain

Microsoft TPM working on AI privacy and policy for election integrity and healthcare. Co-Founder of Plural Technology Lab at Microsoft Research Special Projects and Research Affiliate at Harvard Democracy Renovation Lab.